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Investment Funds


Investment funds is the most popular type of investment among private investors

 Investing in funds is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save and accumulate capital for beginner investors.
 BluOr Bank 
offers a wide range of investment funds with various investment strategies.
Professional asset managers from all over the world will manage your assets.
BluOr Bank team will help to buy your selected fund and provide detailed information about the fund’s performance, risks and asset structure.

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Popular investment funds

  • BlackRock EM Bond Fund

    Emerging Markets Bonds Fund

  • S&P 500 iShares

    500 Largest US Corporations

  • Dividend Aristocrats

    Dividend yield

  • SPDR Global Real Estate

    Investment in Real Estate

Benefits of Investment Funds


Simplicity and Affordability

Most investment funds have minimum initial investment requirements of EUR 5`000 or less. 


You can invest in just one fund or invest in a wide variety. One investment fund can invest in hundreds, or even thousands of different investment securities, making it possible to achieve diversification and reduce risks.


You can buy or sell investment funds any business day. Upon selling you position in investment fund, the money is deposited in your investment account in few days.

Professional asset management

Investment funds have a team of experienced professionals researching and analyzing investments. Fund managers continuously monitors investments and adjust the portfolio accordingly to meet its objectives.

Brokerage fees as low as 0.50% + 20 EUR

10 000+ Investment Funds

A wide range of funds and a set of strategies allows you to find solutions to achieve various investment goals, from preserving capital to aggressive growth of its value.

We will help you make the right choice for developing and maintaining an optimal portfolio.

✔ Equity funds

✔ Balanced funds

✔ Fixed Income funds

✔ Real Estate Funds

How to Invest in Investment Fund  ?


- 1 -

Open a current account with

BluOr Bank

- 2- 

Open an investment account in the 


- 3- 
Topping up your investment account and send order to buy the selected fund online

Information on Funds

The funds management company provides the Key Information Document on the investment with a detailed description of the nature, characteristics, risks and costs associated with fund investments.

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