Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin CFDs

BlueOrange Bank provides access to margin trading in CFDs on three major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Trading takes place on the BlueOrangeFX trading platform, where you can do speculative transactions and make money on the cryptocurrency price fluctuations. On the BlueOrangeFX, you can open long positions if you think that cryptocurrency prices will go up, or short positions, betting on your bear trend expectations.

BlueOrange offers a leverage of 2:1, which means you can open positions two times the amount of your capital.

Open position maximum exposure:

BTC/USD, ETH/USD – 100 000 USD

LTC/USD – 50 000 USD

It is important to note, cryptocurrency trading takes place 24/7 without any interruption to weekends or holidays.

Thousands of other instruments are also available on the trading platform: currencies, metals, stock indices, bonds, oil, gas and other commodities. You can find more details about the available instruments and the trading platform on our website

Please refer to the Brokerage division specialists for more detailed information on the cryptocurrency trading opportunities:

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